BEAGles – Environmental Challenges

10th June 2024, 7:30pm
Warwick Hall
£8 from

An oil-free Burford? How a small Oxfordshire town can approach Net Zero.

Join Burford’s green group, the Burford Environmental Action Group, or BEAGles for short, as they debate how small towns can meet the challenge of Net Zero and the energy challenges of the coming century, in particular relating to Burford, where most households run on oil-fired heating, meaning tankers clog our streets and we are at the mercy of fluctuations in the oil price – and we’ve all seen the direction that this has been going in over the last few years. We need a revolution in how we approach the energy we generate and use, but fear not: help is at hand, in the form of funding and grants from national and local government.

Panellists will include Barbara Hammond from Low Carbon Hub, a representative from One Planet Clanfield – a village’s experience of trying to go oil-free – Pete Sudbury, Oxfordshire County Councillor with responsibility for climate change, funding advisor from Oxford County Council, Gayle Pilkington,  a representative from funding organisation Cosy Homes Oxfordshire, and Hugh Taylor from local company Roadnight Taylor, experts in connections to the national grid, who’ll be able to give the macro picture.  It will be moderated by our very own (and part-time comedian) Paul Miller.  In the spirit of the Festival this promises to be a very enlightening and thought provoking debate.


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